The event is organized by the Lithuanian Program Operator of the NGO Programs in Lithuania and it aims to contribute to deeper discussions among NGOs and relevant institutions from both Beneficiary States of the EEA and Norway Grants and Donor States on countering anti-Semitism, radicalisation and violent extremism.

The meeting will focus on contemporary forms of anti-Semitism, analyse theroot casuses, trends and dynamics of hate crimes, radicalisation and violent extremism that keeps spreading across Europe and beyond. Participants shall also discuss what individuals are at highest risk of becmoing radical and violent and what actions are needed to prevent that. With the input of NGOs from both Beneficiary and Donor States, as well as representatives of international orgqanizations active in this field, the participants will aim to identify useful and neccesary steps that could be taken in the future in order to address the issue and fight these threats.

The participants of the event will include experts of human rights, practitioners working in the field of inclusion, de-radicalisation, prevention of extremism, as well as representatives of international organisations and NGOs.

Norwegian organisations are welcome to participate. The organiser can cover travel and accomodation expenses for one representative per organisation. Read the program and practical information about the event. You can find the registration form here

For more information visit the Lithuanian Program Operator’s homepage or contact Tomas Kubilius.

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