In Oslo’s cold winter, Ani Kovacheva, a Bulgarian university student, embarked on a two-week internship at the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, a human rights organization. The opportunity was made possible by the Open Society Foundation in Bulgaria, which sponsored her internship through the Active Citizens Fund (ACF).

Despite the challenging weather, with temperatures dropping to -20 Celsius and heavy snow, Ani was to have a busy two weeks in Oslo.

Her main assignment was to write about a project funded by the Active Citizens Fund, focusing on a collaboration between Czech and Norwegian organizations aimed at helping former prisoners reintegrate into society. Ani’s article, enriched with interviews conducted in Oslo, is a detailed exploration of this initiative and is available online.

Ani’s work didn’t stop there. She was involved in various tasks across multiple departments. One key project was with the International Panel of Parliamentarians for Freedom of Religion or Belief (IPPFORB), where she helped plan an advocacy event in the Western Balkans. She also had a unique opportunity to visit the Norwegian National Broadcaster (NRK), where she gained insights into the workings of a major newsroom and met the team behind Norway’s popular podcast, Oppdatert.

Wrapping up her internship, Ani presented her experiences and learnings to the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. She discussed her collaboration with ACF, IPPFORB, and her involvement with one of the leading Roma organizations in Bulgaria, LARGO.

Two weeks at NHC were an unforgettable odyssey of growth and connection!Ani Kovacheva, Intern at NHC

This internship was a blend of professional development and cultural exchange, proving enriching for both Ani and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. Ani’s journey highlights the value of international internships in broadening perspectives and enhancing professional skills.

(From the left) Ani at the NHC, a visit to NRK and her presentation toward the end of the internship.

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